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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Whats the matter Juan Pablo?

Read an interesting article on itv-f1 "TED'S MALAYSIAN GP NOTEBOOK" . Apart from the usual stuff, what caught my attention was his take on JPM.
Its seems that during the Malaysian GP, Massa was catching up with Juan Pablo at a frightening rate (atleast for McLaren) on account of the latter backing off considerably because his engineers told him to "bring the car safely back home". They had to tell him to step on it in order to keep the Ferraris at bay.
Secondly, after JPM's second pit stop he started complaining about his tyres, and at the very moment when he was complaining he set the fastest first sector.

I call this very "Fisichella" kind of behavior, complaining when there is a need to keep the trap shut and concentrate on driving and more importantly mis-interpreting the instruction from the pit crew. Now I can understand JPM's point of view of slowing down to conserve the car, but surely one knows what is the margin by which he should slow down yet be competitive. Is he thinking too much?

I like JPM and his driving style, and was overjoyed when he arrived at McLaren, but his race pace has been a shadow of what it was when he was in the white and blue overalls, and his driving is very much DC like, calculative and non spectacular. He will get the job done, no doubt, but his consistency is still a big question mark. I remember seeing a video, which Mahesh had mailed me couple of years back, when JPM was on a qualifying lap in his CART days, and he literally brushed the side barriers on one of the corners. That’s the image which I'd like to see this guy thump upon his rivals, but I am afraid he is too busy thinking about which car he would be driving next year, rather than taking the fight to Kimi and company in any equipment which is given to him.

Its in the head Juan, don’t race to win a contract for next year, just race to rip the track and kick some back, you'll get the best deal out there if you manage to do so.


Blogger unsui said...

Totally agree. looks like JPM has his concerns about the engine mapping issues from 1st race in Bahrain, & that carried over in Malaysia as well. Did I tell you about the sullen looks he wore , during the parade lap. probably the only three cheerful faces in the parade were Takuma, Nico & Schummi . With Taku sporting a sparkling colgate smile

1:23 AM  
Blogger Nilesh said...

Schumi is probably the pinaccle of PR.
Wonder what JPM would have done had he been in that Williams this year?

4:59 AM  

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