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Friday, March 10, 2006

March 11 2006..

Bahrain GP friday practice and Mclaren team already has a situation Kimi had electrical problems which left him stranded on circuit in free practice,while JPM has raised concern that his car is running 7 kmph slower than Kimi's car, whoa things don't look brighter here.
As we write this Macca is not providing different engine to JPM, not a good news for the fiery Colombian. This is sad ,theoratically if he drives with this engine in Bahrain and carries this one to Malaysia ( With weather and all ) effectively his two races are tanked ..Thank you Mr. Dennis and Mr. Haug <<>>

While most of the teams had concerns about Torro roso running detuned V10 cars, their timings in free practice is better than some of the cars in mid-field,I am sure FIA has a situation here. Will we have similar situation where Honda was docked by FIA in 2005 ?? another thing is how soon can STR come up with V8 engine , given that their supplier is Cosworth , does cosworth has capacity to produce V8 engine on such short notice , already they are supplying WilliamsF1 team. lets see how this one build up....

Rest is as expected, third drivers shouting on top of lungs Ant Davidson and Alex Wurz topping the charts . point to be noted in all racing drivers Schummi has topped the free practice,will Bahrain training help Ferrari to start season on a bang we will know by end of the weekend

Champions Renault preferred to have quiet friday , both their drivers just ran 6-7 setup laps ,thats it

Small note Doornbos fined for speeding in pitlane ,well this guy is not new to racing ,has one F1 season behind him ...how can he do a rookie mistake , I am sure his country man Christien Albers will have some choicy things to say on this .

I am off for now lets wait for the qualifiers and what they unfold




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