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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March 15 2006

Monotoya Exonerated

Many thanks Mr. Whitmarsh, I only hope you remember this clarification next year , or else next thing we hear is blaming the drivers for no fault of theirs , like you and H.H Ron Dennis did endo f season 2005.When even a person not following F1 was aware, that engine reliability was one reason that costed Mclaren both WDC & WCC in 2005 season. What are they finally planning for JPM at Sepang,effectively the team has tanked two races for Monty.

Driver Loyalty
While they are not loyal to the Drivers themselves they expect the Drivers to be loyal to the team , its not one way street Mr. Dennis!!!

Who is Lewis Hamilton by the way ?

Talking of Lewis Hamilton here is a small interview of the guy on Mclaren Site interesting tidbit - His favorite Driver is Kimi and Kimi did something similar on same venue starting from 22nd place of grid to get podium finish albeit on a different step of podium and in different racing series.

Wing beneath the wings for Williamsf1

With good start at Sakhir Williams team is upping the ante. After BMW severed ties with my all time favorite team,I had been secretly wishing that 2006 should be one season which should make BMW realize their folly on blaming Williams management for the team's failure to win WCC in 6 years of their partnership

Something about new kid on the block

A lot has been talked after Sunday race about Nico Roseberg and his dream F1 debut, one old interview at grandprix.com to know more about the man.

Ferrari defending rear wing

Well when was the last time when Ferrari violated rules and FIA took action on them , not that anybody can remember , in recent past. FIA and Ferrari are just two sides of same coin , Ah well where can I put bridgestone now that two side are allocated .Anytime a Non Ferrari team comes up with some inovation F1 authorities will punish them, and same goes for biased treatment FIA has given to Michelin, and the lengths and breadth it has gone to make rules favor Bridgestone.

While the F1 circus is in KL what the heck am I doing, well more on that ...



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