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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 16 2006

Revisiting the memories of USGP'05

Visit to "Autograph Signing session" by Kimi Raikonnen organized by his sponsors Tag Heuer was a big let down.Sponsors publicized the event as "Autograph signing session" and all the crowd got was regular monosyllable drone from the Fin and his beating the local minister in simulator race (with all organizers huddled around the simulators).

I can compare this to USGP'05 fiasco ,well at least Michelin ( though it was not their mistake) showed graciousness to refund the ticket holders . Will Tag Heuer make Kimi sit on his A$$ and give personalized autographs on his photograph and make these available to Fans !? I couldn't bear watching the scenes of howling kids carrying Mclaren diecasts with hope that, they would be able to meet their hero(!?) in person ..And then Bernie accuses Schummi as not being accessible to public ,maybe he need to have a good talk with his young pilots once.While its common in the rival series of IRL, Champcar to give chance to fans to meet the drivers,will F1 ensure that they take a lead in bringing the sport closer to common fan ?.

Kimi's Denial on Ferrari Deal

Umpteenth denial by the Finn.But like it happens in F1 ,rumors have more truth in them.
But then maybe he is true ,coz the next pic from yesterday's "ripoff session" tells that the man has already sold his soul to the devil J .

Ron's Routine

Well really tells something about Mclaren as an organization, Ron & Martin sing two different tunes.And like they did at end of 2005 pass the buck on their pilots.All the same it also tells within Mclaren there are set of people who don't want Kimi to leave the team. I am sure JPM has already found a new home for himself for the next season,Only wish and pray that he leaves the team after making the statetement thru his performance i.e Winning the WDC. Well but then the catch is Pilot is as good as the car he drives .....

Next post on what to expect at Malaysian GP...



Blogger Nilesh said...

Nice pics. So what did you get to attend that show. Was JPM there? Did they have the MP4-20 on display? Need more pics dude... comeon.

8:16 PM  
Blogger unsui said...

a) Thanks
b) If JPM would have been there would I have taken Kimi's pics :-??
c) the race simulator was some small cockpit painted with TH logos and when the action involving Kimi and Minster took place, Public had no clue what was happening,
d)If not for my Height I wouldn't have got these pics & video clip as well :-(

8:32 PM  

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