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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March 22 2006

Trivia : Renault 1-2 win
This was only the second-ever one-two finish in Renault's Formula 1 history, and the last time it happened was on 25 July 1982 at Paul Ricard circuit in the South of France – that possibly one of the greatest seasons in the sport's history( Keke Rosberg had won WDC after one race in the season , but there were no driver who had multiple wins in that season either) , The 1-2 podium finishers for the French outfit was the French Driver duo of Arnoux & Prost ( Oh yes Nico was not yet born and so was Alonso ).

Will this season go down to wire like that and will history repeat itself again ? We will know by end of the season.

Rise of Ni-Co met

Nilesh has posted Nico Rosberg has WDC written all over it, I fully agree with this assessment. The Guy is a fresh air on the grid. To outqualify your team-mate who is renowned for his qualifying abilities is a feat in its own. As much as I understand he is bit raw when it comes to understand the ways of "F1" but that is good part. I would give him this season and the next before he wins WDC.

WDC in first two season logic

My rationale, in current days with all technologies loaded on F1 car , people who make name for themselves in other series (where more driver skills are required) have that racers spirit in them , which gets muted with every passing season they hand around in F1 , JV and JPM are classic cases of 'what could have been'. Like Michael Schumacher has correctly stated , to join ranks of F1 all one needs to do is be good in Karting , which basically means having steering control and accelator controls. JPM, JV are here from CART series which has less technology onboard and more driver skills are required,but having acquired those, to come to F1 one needs to unlearn many of those. Jacques was a case who blazed the other racing series came to F1 was on heels of his team-mate who won WDC that year, rallied the team around him the next year and won the title in second season. Nico needs to take that path as well. While he must have his engineers all inspried by his raw potential, he needs to keep that tempo by aiming for podiums ,few DNFs here are there would not hurt him this season. This will keep the team in hunt and keep them motivated to get those steady set of upgrades throughout the next season which is what needed to have the title under your belt.

Where does JPM fit in ?

Juan Pablo started on right note in 2001-02 and 2003 could have been his chance of glory but thanks to spat with Ralf that made him sign with Mclaren in 2003 meant that he would have written off his 2004 chances even before the season started. What happened in 2005 is well known , while he was driving surreal race one day , next day he got tangled with backmarkers. Mystery injury didn't do good to his chances as well.Now looks like RBR F1 racing is interested in JPM . While JPM Driving Adrian Newey Designed car is a mouth watering prospect to look forward to in 2007.One big downside is Ferrari customer engines that RBR signed, this probably is their only wrong move after their Debut on the F1 grid in 2005 season. How I wish like in IT the term service level agreement SLA had some relevance in the world of F1.



Blogger Nilesh said...

Apparently Honer (RBR Chief) has shown active interest in JPM, and he belives that RBR's culture would suit JPM more than McLaren. With Newey designing the cars, its a mouth watering preposition.
I think JPM and JV could never be in the same league, for the simple reason that JPM is far too much talented than JV. JV was super lucky to land in the fastest car in 07. Its only because of MS that the season went down to the wire at Jerez, else it could have been a yawner.
Taking about talent and teams, I wonder what happened to that nice south american bloke who used to drive the number 2 Ferrari all these years?

2:54 AM  

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