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Friday, March 24, 2006

March 24 2006
Mosley on Offensive:
While it should be said that Mosley has come up with many Stupid Ideas during his tenure, he surely has caught GPMA on back foot when he clearly states that GPMA just criticizes, but doesn’t participate in constructive discussion and alternate ideas. Now if Renault deserts GPMA & continues in F1 circus, all that will be left of GPMA is Toyota, Honda, BMW and Mercedes. I am not sure fans will pay monies to see race between Toyota Honda and BMW. About Ron Dennis, I have doubted that he is planning to park the Mclaren in Bernie’s Garage; he just wants the bigger piece of pie. That is reason why he has hired services of WDC Alonso for 2007 and later and also going around getting big sponsors like Vodafone for the Macca.

Tit for Tat ?
Flavio says he can do to Ron Dennis what Ron did to him by signing Alonso for Mclaren. But knowing Flavio who would rather groom a young gun on less monies ,like he did with Schummi & Alonso ,it seems unlikely . But then there is Sr. Renault management ,who have since 2005 have categorically stated that they will continue the F1 project as long as they see the results, which leaves the equation open.

Essential Sins !?
Agreed that tobacco sponsorship for sports events be done away and most of the F1 teams will be doing away with their association with cigarette making sponsor by end of 2006 season. The way Mclaren solved problem was brought in Liquor sponsor Johnnie Walker in place of West; also We have Beer manufacturing Giant Fosters as official sponsor of Formula One . Is the message being sent to public while its ok to drink and drive , please don’t smoke. I feel this is all a sham

New Rules

Scrapping of Entry fee is the best thing I can see here, will encourage more teams to join the series. Someday I can have my own team on the grid who knows

Testing restrictions : Good for smaller teams ,who don't have as many resources as bigger teams

Engine Development Freeze : Bad , if F1 claims to be pinnacle of motorsport , research and development shouldn't be stopped in the sport. While I am fully in favor of doing away with the technical gizmos on board ,automatic traction control and all the driver aids which have been killing talent and reducing drivers to robots. But Engine and Chassis development are heart and art of Motorsport alongwith Driving Skills,and ability of drivers to overtake.

Single Tyre supplier : if FIA wants more teams on grid ,why prevent Tyre suppliers from joining the party. Having single tyre manufacturer kills the competition and development on the tyre front ,and also this move increases the risk of repeat of USGP 2005 , now we can have scenario where the FIA approved Tyre supplier comes to venue with wrong tyres and that leaves spectators with No Show. This is more of personal vendetta against Michelin , the way I see it

Two teams engine supply restriction : reduces the option of team principal (customer) ,if a team principal want to have BMW to power his car he may have to end up with Dallara or Lola because there are already two teams on grid running on grid. Of course this will also bring in more engine suppliers like Lola, Dallara ,who specialize in manufacturing Race Engines.



Blogger Nilesh said...

Mosley on Offensive:
Bigger piece of the pie? The only person who doesn’t want a bigger piece of the pie is a person who cannot eat it. Isn’t that the reason why Sir Frank Williams signed up in the first place.
Renaults F1 future is not assured, and even if it joins the F1 circus it would be because of Flavio. If they leave, no one is going to pay to see Ferrari beat a sting of B rated teams day in a day out.

Tit for Tat ?

Essential Sins !?
A ciggy will kill u slowly but surely but if one drinks and drives.... the imminent could be just around the corner.
Its a strange world isint it?

New Rules
Slick tyres re-allowed - This is probably the best of them all. It will increast mechanical grip as opposed to dependency on areo aides and will permit cars to run close to one other, which will facilitate overtaking.

* A ban on all tyre-warming devices

* Testing restricted to a maximum of 30,000km (18,600 miles) per team per calendar year
How do they plan to govern this?

* A ban on spare cars
Spend millions on developing a car and if one is ripped on Friday or Saturday, be content with seeing just one of them hitting the track on race day.

* A weight penalty of 15kg if an engine is replaced before the end of its two-race cycle, replacing the current 10-place grid penalty system
Good thinking. Finally. What if the engine fails twice or thrice? Kimi would hate this, especially if he driving a McLaren, and I hope he does drive for Macca.

* Major car manufacturers will be not be able to supply engines to more than two teams
Good for them, bad for the smaller teams.

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