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Monday, March 13, 2006

Bahrain Leftovers

Williams camp Buoyant

Understandably Williams camp is in Buoyant mood after Bahrain, Nico & Williams bosses are even claiming if not for his incident on first corner of first lap , Nico could have been a podium contender

Nico applauded by Sir Jackie Stewart
Looks like we have one more cool headed Finn on the grid ,not all drivers have cool head to recover from one mistake they make in race ,as more experienced Massa proved it.Only question here is I saw Nico racing under German flag

Montoya explains his low key race

All the same JPM was at speed with Kimi ,in fact he has posted faster lap of the two Mclaren just before his 1st pitstop ,Kimi posted his fastest lap before his only pitstop as well!! For me its the two stop strategy that held JPM back and one stop strategy that gave Kimi chance to make it to the podium, is there any place where we can get lapwise times for all the drivers , I 'd like to plot some graphs thru the season

Why DC let Nico pass him in finishing stages

Another point which came from Alonso & Kimi's post race conference hints that while Michelin compound was superior during early part of race, Bridgestone runners did well in latter half of the race. Yes Red Bull are also michelin runners for those who care

Uncle Schummi how art thou ??

In concluding part of same conference some scribes where really hellbent to piss of Schummi.Man Don't step on toes of guy approaching midlife ,last thing I want to see is Schummi piercing eyebrow like Luizzi ,streaking his hair and entering paddock in skin tight jeans and Leather jacket ,trying to ape a teenage rebel

Few Dummy observations

a) Kimi didn't put in "fastest lap of the race" on the final lap ,as he did frequently last year,looks like "nursing the engine" concept has finally entered the finn's head

b) On same note if Barichello had lost gear mid race what was the point stressing out the engine rather than retreat and protect the engine

Renault Technical Director Applaudes Kimi

Now this is very interesting peace of news especially under light of situation that Kimi's current boss is asking him to put pen on paper with current term & conditions

Signoff on winning note

Renault's F1 Patrick Faure decided to signoff on a winning note...



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