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Saturday, March 25, 2006

March 25 2006
Alonso steal to Mclaren reconstructed:
So if this is what happened really it makes me wonder,in this age abundant communication tools how come Alonso was not able to reach his mentor Flavio at the crucial moments. Contrast is Ron just lifts phone and calls his drivers to inform them about the new hire on board

Mclaren 1994-2005
In certain ways it tells changes in F1 culture than an now. As Nilesh puts its while we had red blooded racers then,we get the blue blooded businessmen. Personally a Red blooded racer would have gone back to the drawing board fixed issues which lost them double title last season (reasons were engines and not pilots),taken the pilots in confidence,and had a go at it with renewed fervour.Alas thats not to happen in modern F1 .....

Bye Bye Suzuka !?

Its official now we have a race in Fuji in 2007 season.Does this mark the end of Suzuka race.Not necessarily,like there have been two German ,there are two Italian races ,there can be two events in Japan. I feel while Bernie is searching for new venues , the classic old ones needn't be bumped off the calendar , they can just be flipped alternate year. On personal front , lets hope blessings of all the friends from Japan I met at the Malaysian GP come true & I get to meet them at Suzuka GP.



Blogger Nilesh said...

I'll miss the 130R from next year. First it was Eau Rouge and now this. Whats next? Turn number 13 at Indy and the Parabolica at Monza?

10:37 PM  

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