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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sepang 06 - Fisi's lucky escape

The fact that Renault “accidentally” put double the amount of fuel in Alonso’s car for qualifying sealed Fisi victory of the Malaysian GP.

After a fantastic and classical Bahrain GP the expectations from this GP were high and had Kimi and Williams not registered DNF’s, it could have been a race to remember. Even the rain gods didn’t “bless” the organizers with their showers and the only moments the race had to offer was Taku Sans heroics.

So what can we infer from the race. The most obvious conclusion, which could prove dramatic in deciding the season is that Ferrari are clearly not on pace, and their result in Bahrain was a result of massive testing they did on that circuit. MS and Massa were not on pace with the front-runners and it must be a disappointment for the thousands of Tifosi’s. Secondly, Renault have yet again built a bullet proof car, and they are the team to beat. Alonso is in his elements and Fisi seems to be doing well than last year. Thirdly, BAR has the pace but is it enough to challenge for race wins, well, maybe on occasions when they get a daemon setup on their cars. McLaren were off pace, and JPM had a race which can be described as consistent but not spectacular, and thats not what you expect from the master of overtaking. But there’s hardly anything he can do, when the car is not up to it. Williams are the surprise package and they will be challenging the Renaults and the Mclarens for sure, that Nico guy has future WDC written all over him.

So now the circus moves to Ozzy land, and the cooler temperatures there would well put my theory to NULL. Kimi cannot afford any more DNF’s and though Klien is partly to be blamed to taking Kimi out, the line which Kimi took going into turn 4 was not the best, one can argue. So maybe there’s a lesson for Kimi.Roll on Melbourne, and heres hoping that JPM gets a better Merc engine to power his challenge.


Blogger unsui said...

1) For me good thing to happen to Kimi and F1 would be his getting pi$$ed of with Mclaren for some reason and going to Ferrari.It would be great joy to see him drive along side Schummi
2) So very true about your assessment of Bahrain Ferrari results. they just flipped their strategy from last years where they didn't bring any new developments in start of season and suffered , they thought with good start to season they would get the necessary impetus to their 2006 campaign
3) Have you realized that of the top guys only Merc has their engines lasting over two race lengths , though one engine was faulty and about Kimi we can't really say after the Sepang DNF

1:54 AM  

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