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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Minardi is Back

Character of F1 paddock is back!!!!

Barely within hours of confessing that he is already missing formula1 circus ,Paul Stoddart divulged that he has submitted entry for Minardi to join grid from 2008 season. This is a great news , not only the historic Minardi name is back on the grid , Stoddy is back , the circus needs characters like him.. Welcome back Paul!! We were already missing your outspoken personality...

Webber & Williams assessment by Jacques Villeneuve

For someone who has spent life time in Formula One driving both competitive and non-competitive cars, Jacques in right on money in his assessment about Webber’s performance ( or lack of it as lay fans like me see) . Well its start of season so lets wait and watch his assessment about the promise shown by the Williams team. Outspoken and knowledgeable as he is Jacques is liked ( and disliked) by equal number of people in F1 fraternity, while I have immense respect for him , I wish and pray that his assessment about Williams proves wrong !! It all depends upon the results that Williams drivers get in the earlier races that will keep the team morale high through out the season. But then they need to hire some good designer to replace Jorg Zander who parted ways with Williams recently.



Blogger Nilesh said...

I have this feeling that its going to be Stoddart VS Flavio (in the avtar of FIA president) in 2008.
Given that off track action between pilots and teams is a non existant commodity of late, this could well be the spark required to spice up F1.

7:10 AM  
Blogger unsui said...

Well that Stoddart has applied for team on grid , obviously he won't be competing for FIA presidentship , he can't hold two posts .. that will be case of conflict of interests..remember Sonia :P

5:52 PM  
Blogger Nilesh said...

I meant Stoddy as a team principal and Flavio as the FIA chief. May be I should have been more specific. :-)
Sonia resigned knowing fully well that she would be reelected from her constituency. :-)

9:05 PM  

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