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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March 28,2006

Lessons for Shutterbugs

So mark Sutton shares his trade secret, rather the gear secrets which gets him good snaps. I liked the Montoya & Sebastian Montoya pics there. There is also mention of the Red Bulletin, in the article & and I should say I was amazed at the good job team of 18 people does Friday thru Sunday over the race weekend. These guys were giving away free copies of Bulletins which were published every 3-4 hours with updated paddock tidbits. I have one cute pic from the red bulletin, I will publish it in next post

Five Year Engine Freeze!?

This would make the things pretty much predictable on the grid, in current scenario engine performance ( or non-performance) for most of the cars is well known, assuming that things stay more or less the same start 2008 season ,all we get is same team leading the field from 2008 onwards. On current form Renault has most reliable engine on the grid and its no surprise that they would want status quo on that front. My impression is all it will do is kill competition. FIA should just lay broad framework and not dabble in the nitty-gritty. Else maybe they just go A1GP way where all the car on grid are provided by the organizer and all that the team does is tweak it around during race weekend

Mclaren Melbourne GP Preview

While one of their pilots is categorically claiming that his engine was yielding less power and speed. Mclaren Management is countering the claim; especially the statements made by Mr. Haug are outright denial of the song they were singing in last two race weekends, wherein they had accepted Engine in JPM car had mapping problem which resulted it running slower than Kimi’s Car. So much for teamwork =D>;

Williams F1 - FW28

Image shared by Yuki, WilliamsF1 Fan from Japan , whom I met at the Malaysian GP



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