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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 30,2006

Sixty seconds chase!?

The sterling performance put in by the Williams rookie Nico Rosberg has not only infused enthusiasm amongst the F1 Fans, but also some predators lurking in paddocks. While n animal kingdom the fastest animal is Cheetah, one of the fastest car on grid is Mclaren(surprisingly its similarly fragile like cheetah).While the bosses have successfully poached current WDC Fernando Alonso to Pilot their car from 2007 season onwards, the situation of second seat is very fuzzy at the moment , One line of thought making rounds is, not wanting to be reduced to #2 status within the team both their pilots are already moving out of Mclaren end of 2006. If that indeed happens, Ron Dennis needs second pilot whose star is on Rising ,enter Nico who has speed ,skills and also looks ( yes eye candy for Female Fans ) ,and no wonder the corporate Mclaren blood must have surely gushed thrice its normal speed. While Mclaren Bosses have categorically denied having approached Williams & Nico for a switch (given the cash strapped situation of Williams Team, approaching Sir Williams is quiet possible) , those who follow F1 know when all parties rubbish claims made by media as piece of imagination , rumor and Bull$**T. 99.99999 times of 100 they are simply denying truth. For some one who has seen girls having no clue of what the F stands in F1 for gushing over Kimi & every thing he does ( does nothing but mumble in inaudible tone outside the car), I can tell indeed Mclaren must have already started flirting with Ni-Comet. Reminds me of the famous remark by the Blue Man "Now that they can't make champions they are buying one". Well corporate Mclaren have already done with the "heart of a racer" tag , now its just "Money talk" thats left for the Woking squad L

Every Body Captured Montoya’s mood at Sepang

I had already mentioned this to my friends already, I was seated on long straight between T14-T15 , from my seat I also had good view of T9-T10 , So I had all opportunity to plan my pictures in advance, and similarly when parade lap started I was searching for Montoya, I saw him & Kimi driven around in parade cars passing Turn 9 , I set my camera ready and was waiting to click the Mclaren Drivers when the passed our stand , and Montoya never looked at the crowd , bore a sullen look on face, , a true JPM Fan didn’t feel like taking that picture … I am sure there is more brewing in Mclaren Garage than what meets the eye.

Flavio Briatore “Supports” Fisichella for WDC

So Briatore confirms that last year most of the issues Fisi had were all of teams doing , well that puts one more facet of F1 in light , Driver is very much dependent on Team Boss and his patronizing is critical for keeping the car and career on track, Are you listening Montoya :P.. Well this is fact for any person’s career right??

Ferrari modifies the controversial “Flexi Wings”

After their pedestrian 2005 performance, the Bully in Ferrari personality seems to have cooled down, when was the last time the team had given a fair hearing to the valid objections raised by the rivals. Not that I remember of …

Cost reduction for more teams on grid

This story on PF1 doesn't exactly echo the claims made by Bernie & Max Mosley , They want to see more teams on grid ,and to do that the costs in F1 have to be reduced. Now the story claims that EX-BAR boss David Richards and Paul Stoddart are both fighting for the 12th entry spot.Then whatever happened of the claims that Roger Penske joining F1 circus and stuff. Lack of transperancy and open & honest communication thy name is F1...



Blogger Nilesh said...

Flavio Briatore “Supports” Fisichella for WDC
With due respect to Fisi, he has won just twice since he joined Renault, the first time Alonso was stuck at the back of the grid but still made it on the podium, and the second time Alsonso almost took the win off him, despite starting with a truck load of fuel as compared to Fisi's.
He aint WDC material, he is just another DC but in Blue and Yellow overalls. (Hey atleast DC took the fight to MS in 01 in an not-so-quick car).

10:04 PM  
Blogger unsui said...

Point herein not the driver talent , what we are is just "team" backing , which is equally crucial to deliver the goods.End of the day driver has his reputation at stake. Throught out '05 there wasn't a race when Fisi's car got stalled in pit-stop due to mysterious reasons. Only once I think he did stupid error was in 2nd race Bahrain, when he tangled up with Webbo for no reason.. rest of his season it was car that messed up his campgain IMHO

10:34 PM  
Blogger Nilesh said...

What good is team support if the driver cant deliver. Unless the team messes up with the other car (Alonsos), theres no ways Fisi can do anything about it. Heck even his contract is not finalised for next year, if he was so good Flavio wouldnt have to wait till the Monaco GP to decide on taking up the option of Fisi :-)
My point is that Fisi cant deliver, with or without team support, but if the team fixes Alonso's car the way the did at Sepang, then he would stand some chance, but that can hardly be called as team support.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Nilesh said...

With the limit set to 12 teams per grid, only one of them will make it on the grid. I don’t see the logic in restricting the number of teams to 12, and going ahead and encouraging privateers to join the grid. If there is just one spot to be filled why even bother.
You said right about the "lack of transparency" in F1. Sometimes its very depressing. But hey as long as the engines keep screaming, I can put the transparency on the back burner.

12:53 AM  
Blogger unsui said...

"But hey as long as the engines keep screaming, I can put the transparency on the back burner"

Congrats mate with this qualification you can put up with any abusive relationship in the World :P

1:04 AM  
Blogger Nilesh said...

Ermm No, actually. Unless the relationship has something in common with what I cherish, it has little chance of lasting on my burner. :-)

1:59 AM  

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