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Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 31,2006

Bernie plans to recycle F1 calendar
This has been making rounds for quite sometime now. Personally I feel while we should have 36 venues around the world, that FOM wants to take game to new markets, but races should be held on every venue every alternate year. And taking into account history and tradition of F1, classic venues like Monaco, Spa, Monza, Silverstone (I’d have added Suzuka to this list as well) be annual fixture on calendar while for the rest of circuits can host race every alternate year. Once in three years would be too much stress on the new venues as most of these are new markets in Motor sports, these circuits are not much utilized after the F1 weekend and hence have become overheads from maintenance perspective

Secret of Renault Flying start
For all the fans who wondered from 2004 onwards the blazing start by Renault cars when the lights turn green, and now the secret is out, as per Briatore managed driver Webber its carrots that Renault drivers eat make their eye sight better than rivals , makes me wonder what happens when Renault drivers leave team and join other, are they contractually prohibited to eat carrots after parting ways with Renault (Button did drive for Renault right, still he was frozen on Bahrain grid ),does Renault have patent on using carrots on grid, for likes of Ferraris and Mclarens with massive team budgets - a pound or two of carrots every Sunday will be well spent on if that converts to race leads and wins J

Button Hope Renaults goof up
After Sepang some fans rightly said only possible scenario when Button will win his maiden GP is when all the race leaders retire. This Button statement is sort of acceptance by Button. Maybe in his bid for World championship , JB will buy himself out of Honda now and go to his old boss Flavio for 2007 ;-)

Montoya Confident about Mclaren Preparation at Oz
Montoya, we know is one outspoken character on grid, who calls spade a spade.So all hope of Macca redemption from this weekend onwards. While their Aero package is second to none, last weeks testing in Paul Ricard by Mclaren test driver De La Rosa must be the confidence booster to the team, well Mclaren engine by Norbert Haug completing three race distances should be a event of its own class J

DC fine if JPM is his team-mate at Redbull in 2007
Key issue raised by DC ( this guy is always good in raising issue,but then he also babbled on the sex and sauna stuff on Malaysian heat ) here is Redbull Driver program and which is valid concern, as the primary reason for Rebull having Junior team on grid is to give opportunity to their up and rising potential candidates. From this perspective Montoya in Redbull again becomes a if and else story , but then that’s how it is in F1. If only Ron had kept the cat under wraps , Fans could have focused on racing and not the drivers market from very start of 2006

Jacques Villeneuve Fastest Race driver in Free Practice 1
This is Good sign JV, but we thought your BMW engine is in second weekend, in which case what’s the logic for pounding it for 16 laps??


Why Villeneuve stressed out his BMW engine in FP1
So indeed he is going for fresh engine change to make use of revised spec engine, which BMW Management claims to be more reliable. This means 10 spot grid penalty for the Canadian in current set of rules. Anyways good thing is he has put in 40 laps and that should have given him good handle on his car setup. If indeed the revised BMW engine is good in race, BMW & JV can look forward for productive results from the Oz weekend

Free Prac Results
Honda Racing is topping the charts with Jenson leading the race drivers. Is the wait finally going to be the Brit? Apparently many drivers both rookies and veterans struggled to come to terms with the lack of grip in Albert Park. Though Williamsf1 duo of Webber & Nico are lying lowly in the timesheets, the consistent times in low 1.27 and 1.26 put in by their Man Friday Alex Wurz must be comforting the Williams team...



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