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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Alonso turns on the heat at Silverstone.

Driving in his characteristic workman like style Alonso got another win for himself, his first one on this circuit. After the 5 red lights turned off and Fernando was not challenged by both Kimi & Schumi on the first corner, the outcome of race was pretty much evident. The only minute of revelation was when Schumacher blitzed past Kimi ,emerging from second pitstop thanks to stunning outlap after his own second stop. In the midfield , STR’s Scott speed contributed by finishing race of Ralf Schumacher who in turn took down Mark Webber who had good start after starting 17th on grid, Another gainer on race start was Nick Heidfield who swooped past.
Other than this there was not much of interest from spectator perspective.
yet another feather in cap for Alonso and team, and on their current form the team is on right track for their second consecutive title. At this point the competition , doesn’t have necessary confidence in their own capabilities when it comes to take more risks to dislodge Renault from their leading position

Ferrari : After a dismal season that they had in 2005 ,Ferrari are surely proving that they are the top team amongst the rest , whether they are happy with this is a different question, at the moment though they can hope like one “Mr. Ron Dennis” who was hoping that Alonso slips in shower in second half of 2005 season

SauberBMW : Showed good form through out the weekend , and ended with both their drivers ending in points finish. If not for the gear problem which delayed “Quick Nick” on his first stop he was very much in position to consolidate on the brilliant race start he had when he leapfrogged struggling Montoya.

Mclaren: had a mixed bag with Kimi losing out to Schumi on his P2 start during his second pitstop finishing 3rd and Montoya finishing 6th . After Kimi’s DNF at Nürbürgring in 2005the team who claimed “ Finishing second in race means you are first among the losers”, Kimi and Mclaren needed to show more balls and pressurize Alonso on race start like Montoya had done at Silverstone and Interlagos last season. While everyone on grid knows that Fernando always plays is safe and finishing race in points is his first priority at this point, Kimi should have forced the issue.
Montoya and his car never came to terms with the windy conditions in free practice and starting midfield on P8 didn’t help much after racing incident with Villeneuve damaged side pod of JPM’s car, never the less 3 lucky points will keep him in striking range of his team-mate

Losers: There is a long list amongst the rest of the teams that can be put under this heading, but biggest losers are again the audience who are witness to monotonous Renault victories and pathetic attempts on Fernando Alonso to “Bring Fun to F1” in his victory lane celebration, Somebody has to tell this guy his antics look very tacky and are in no league of spontaneous celebrations of Rossi in MotoGP

01 F. Alonso Renault 1:25:51.927
02 M. Schumacher Ferrari + 13.951
03 K. Räikkönen McLaren + 18.672
04 G. Fisichella Renault + 19.976
05 F. Massa Ferrari + 31.559
06 JP. Montoya McLaren + 1:04.769
07 N. Heidfeld BMW + 1:11.594
08 J. Villeneuve BMW + 1:18.299
09 N. Rosberg Williams + 1:19.008
10 R. Barrichello Honda + 1 laps
11 J. Trulli Toyota + 1 laps
12 D. Coulthard Red Bull + 1 laps
13 V. Liuzzi Scuderia Toro Rosso + 1 laps
14 C. Klien Red Bull + 1 laps
15 C. Albers Midland F1 + 1 laps
16 T. Monteiro Midland F1 + 2 laps
17 T. Sato Super Aguri + 3 laps
18 F. Montagny Super Aguri + 3 laps
Did not finish
19 J. Button Honda + 51 laps
20 S. Speed Scuderia Toro Rosso + 59 laps
21 R. Schumacher Toyota + 60 laps
22 M. Webber Williams + 60 laps



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