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Friday, June 02, 2006

Monaco GP Review (in a rush).

How often does this happen to you, that you wait for the moment patiently and when it actually happens you are not there to witness it. Mahesh and yours sincerely experienced this while watching the Monaco GP (on the Telly) when we couldn’t resist the temptation of going out to grab a coke and when we returned Kimi had done his usual exit routine from the Monaco GP.  That was probably the only moment of importance during the GP, and I am not so sure that I wanted to see it.

Another highlight was Schumaches relegation to the last place for his qualifying antics, and rightly so, because he was braking in a zone where even Alex Yooung would have had to accelerate to keep the pace up, because the corner is just so darn slow. Schumachers deliberate attempt to mess up the qualifying of other drivers brought a lot of disrepute to himself and Ferrari.

The driver of the race for me is a toss up between DC and Webber. Both drove an excellent race and though Webber didn’t get any reward for his performance (well some praise from Flavio), DC got himself onto a podium, the first one for RedBull.

Alonso was his usual calculative self, and with clockwork precision he went about the task of keeping Kimi behind him. Overtaking is impossible at Monaco, and this was an advantage, which Alonso used well.

On an average the race was better than the one we saw at Spain.

Race Highs: DC’s podium
Race Lows: Not exactly a race low, but Schumachers qualifying shunt was a total disaster.

Power Figures for Monaco
Pace: 10 Reliability: 10
Pace: 9 Reliability: 10
Pace: 9.5 Reliability: 5
Pace: 8 Reliability: 0
Pace: 7.5 Reliability: 9
BMW Sauber
Pace: 7 Reliability: 8
Pace: 8 Reliability: 10



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