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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Alonso Romps to Home Pole
It was business as usual for Renault & Ferrari in the qualifying. Alonso made the home fans a lot to cheer about when he produced lap time of 1m14.889s and then topped it with 1m14.648s to grab pole at his home GP. Fisichella made it double for the French team with his drive of 1m14.709s
Michael drove the fastest lap of the day when he circuited the Catalunya track in 1m14.637s in session two , but in final shoot out when it mattered he produced a lap of 1m14.970s to make it to P3 ,Massa completed the top four with his 1m15.442s

Gainers and losers from the qualifying
Biggest gainers are the Toyota duo of Ralf Schumacher and Jarno Trulli who take P6-P7 position on grid, Barichello seems to have got hang of the new qualifying format as he beat team-mate button to take P5 position.

Biggest Losers from qualifiers are probably the Mclaren, we have been reiterating this for quite sometime now, the team is yet to come to term with their qualifying woes , while on their current form both Mclaren duo have been making it to the final session , yesterday JPM was bumped out of final ten when in the second qualifying a pit crew made mistake with his refueling which allowed his tyres to cool off. Kimi who made it to final ten didn’t fare much better, every time he got out on track he was stuck behind another car and managed only P9 slot. Circuit de Catalunya doesn’t offer much overtaking possibility which doesn’t project great race day for the Macca.

Williams were the other significant losers, normally Webber has made to final session for all the races, but this time around he is relegated to P11 and team-mate Rosberg to P13

David Coulthard had a forgettable start when he threw his car into barriers at the Repsol curve with 7 ½ minutes remaining in session one, having not registered any time the Scot starts the race at back of the grid. Joins him on last row is Jacques Villeneuve who suffered 10 spot penalty as his engine suffered failure in transit from Nürbürgring

The qualification times

01 F. Alonso Renault 1:14.648 **
02 G. Fisichella Renault 1:14.709
03 M. Schumacher Ferrari 1:14.970
04 F. Massa Ferrari 1:15.442
05 R. Barrichello Honda 1:15.885
06 R. Schumacher Toyota 1:15.885
07 J. Trulli Toyota 1:15.976
08 J. Button Honda 1:16.008
09 K. Räikkönen McLaren 1:16.015
10 N. Heidfeld BMW 1:17.155
11 M. Webber Williams 1:15.502
12 JP. Montoya McLaren 1:15.801
13 N. Rosberg Williams 1:15.804
14 J. Villeneuve BMW 1:15.847 *
15 C. Klien Red Bull 1:15.928
16 V. Liuzzi Scuderia Toro Rosso 1:16.661
17 S. Speed Scuderia Toro Rosso 1:17.361
18 T. Monteiro Midland F1 1:17.702
19 C. Albers Midland F1 1:18.024
20 T. Sato Super Aguri 1:18.920
21 F. Montagny Super Aguri 1:20.763
22 D. Coulthard Red Bull no time

* Ten spot grid penalty
**The time betters 1m14.819s by Räikkönen to take pole last year



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