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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Home Boy's Win Delights Spain

Alonso must be truly happy man, the Spanish GP weekend gave him his first win in front of his home crowd, and the win which was with comfortable lead of 18.5 seconds over Michael Schumacher.

Race was pretty much a mundane procession, only point of interest was whether the resurgent Ferrari team would be able to outsmart the Blue and yellow team in the battle of strategies after losing them pole in yesterday’s qualifiers. This they did in Michael’s first stop when he wrested a position from second running Fisichella.

Only interesting on track event was race start of Kimi Räikkönen where the fin dazzled the field to improve his P9 grid position to reach P5, Only other overtaking move of race was an aborted move by Ralf Schumacher on his team-mate Jarno Trulli which left the German driver with bruised nose cone and bruised ego, and race retirement in couple of more laps.
Turn 3 proved to be undoing of yet another driver this weekend, after David Coulthard lost his car here in qualifiers, Juan Pablo Montoya retired after loosing traction control on his car on this turn with 48 laps to go.

Winners: At this moment its just the race between the Blues of Renault and Reds of Ferrari, there is a quantum gap in term of performance between these guys and rest of the field. While the new rule changes, qualifier format, engine rules don’t seem to deter these guys from running their cars at maximum potential race after race. Other teams have no clue how they are going to bridge the gap. With 33% races completed in the season , the tide doesn’t seem to be on change soon

Losers: That includes pretty much the rest of the field, all that they can do is to focus on leftovers from the Renault-Ferrari treat.
ITV commentators: these guys are running short of excuses to justify mediocre results for Jenson Button. This time they were blaming Barichello for holding up the Brit in first stint and in later part when he gave up chase to fill deficit of 3 seconds between him and fourth placed Kimi, they attributed that to Button nursing his engine.
Fans: Third procession race on a trot and one more to come in two weeks time
Monaco after this race doesn’t look much appealing, Imola, Nürbürgring Barcelona…ZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

Final Classification:
1 F. Alonso Renault 1:26:21.759
2 M. Schumacher Ferrari + 18.502
3 G. Fisichella Renault + 23.951
4 F. Massa Ferrari + 29.859
5 K. Räikkönen McLaren + 56.875
6 J. Button Honda + 58.347
7 R. Barrichello Honda + 1 laps
8 N. Heidfeld BMW + 1 laps
9 M. Webber Williams + 1 laps
10 J. Trulli Toyota + 1 laps
11 N. Rosberg Williams + 1 laps
12 J. Villeneuve BMW + 1 laps
13 C. Klien Red Bull + 1 laps
14 D. Coulthard Red Bull + 1 laps
15 V. Liuzzi Scuderia Toro Rosso + 1 laps
16 T. Monteiro Midland F1 + 3 laps
17 T. Sato Super Aguri + 4 laps
Did not finish
18 C. Albers Midland F1 + 17 laps
19 S. Speed Scuderia Toro Rosso + 19 laps
20 R. Schumacher Toyota + 35 laps
21 JP. Montoya McLaren + 48 laps
22 F. Montagny Super Aguri + 55 laps



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