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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jenson Button or Jenson Beaten?

Been reading a lot of defensive press of late. No its not about DaVinci Code or the reservation thinge going on in my country, its about an English bloke called Jenson Button who drives in F1 to Honda.

Before I go into career assignations let me categorically say that I feel Jenson is one of the smoothest drivers out there and in the right equipment he can do wonders. But, hey, who wont. He has the dubious record of 100 GP starts and not a single win, in fact his first ever podium came pretty late in his career.  He seemed to finally get going in 04 but his charge, was halted by the late season resurrection of Kimi/McLaren and Montoyas excellent Brazlian GP win. He was nowhere last year and this year after a shoddy start to his season, well it looks like Rubens will be more than the Englishman had bargained for in a team-mate.
The British press, is all over JB, and never out of excuses as to how he didn’t perform and this time they went a lil over board (hence this article). ITV-F1 reported that if Jenson was over a second quicker than Rubens during the Spanish GP, the team should have given some sort of “instructions” to facilitate his overtaking on Rubens. Aren’t these the same people who had crucified Ferrari after Austria 04? Not to mention the fact that if Jenson was really a second faster than Rubens, and a second is a big interval in F1, shouldn’t it have been possible for Button to overtake Rubens on his own merit? Rubens will have the upper hand in no time as he is proven race winner and comes with a good temperament. Well so does Jenson, to be fair to him, but the big mystery is why hasn’t this guy won anything yet. To the pundit, the answer is obvious.

As for Honda catching McLaren this season…. In their “dreams”!!!

Living with a conscience is like driving a car with the brakes on.


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