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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sir Stirling Moss reviews European GP’06
Sir Moss has made some interesting points particularly about two weekend per engine rule and the third session of current qualifying format in his
review of last weeks race. Of course he drifts into the realm of “Good Ol days!!” when he talks about changes to Nürbürgring circuit and first corner pile ups in modern day F1 races. Interesting perspectives from the master driver though..

Massa Praise or ….
Team Principle Jean Todt’s
praise of his second driver Felipe Massa, on his performance comes with a fine print. "I think we have three drivers in this championship, who have something a bit more than all the others and I think Felipe is amongst the best behind those three drivers." In other words what is conveyed to the guy is “Yes you are good, but we still want Kimi to pilot our Car with Schumi for the next season” Wonder what plans Massa’s manager Nicholas Todt has for him, or maybe he is too busy basking in glory of his teams double podium finish in recent GP2 weekend at Nürbürgring.

Webber for Williams
This is been twice in last two weeks that Webbo has
expressed his wish to continue with Williams. As much as this tell about Mark the gentleman on & off the track, but also it tells something about Flavio. Maybe Webbo doesn’t want him as his team boss. On current form drivers would kill to get the Renault race-seat. But Webber is still skirting clear of the idea to fill in seat vacant after Alonso’s departure. But those who recollect the Trulli- Renault affair in 2004,where the team dumped Italian ,spite of the fact that he was the driver who had given them their only win of the season at Monaco .All that was forgotten after minor lapse from Trulli let Barrichello past him at French GP’04 ,next thing we knew Trulli’s car had trouble, his GP weekends got messed up for rest of season and finally the team dumped him and let Villeneuve drive in his place in for final races of the season.
We are sure Fisichella’s last two weekends performance has not gone un-noticed by team & especially the man behind blue glasses J

Ide’s Super-license revoked
The news from grape-vine is
finally official , more than anything we feel sorry for the Japanese rookie, while we have likes of Kliens, Pizzonias & then we have stubborn Tiago who is one color blind driver who can’t see blue color at all. We don’t remember FIA revoking super license of these guys. Now Montagny is sure of race drive till Monaco, I am sure the Brits must have already started fancying chances of Ant Davidson driving for SA-F1 after that.

Change is Constant
Season started with *BAR*Honda becoming fully a works team after Honda completely bought out the team from partners *BAR*, also Jordan and Minardi were reduced to status of just another page in F1 history!! Looks like we have
something similar on cards for Mclaren , if this happens, only two marquees on the grid, those of Ferrari and Williams will be remaining as past links to F1 tradition. Like they say only thing constant in life is change, we can’t really say much on this, but then sometime out of nowhere we see some fan sporting a Jaguar or Minardi Shirt and mind goes in retro mode

Interesting Quote:
"I'd rather have the car fail than to be at Williams and finish every race eighth" - Juan Pablo Montoya - August 16th, 2005.

Really interesting, especially in light of his current situation and also that of Mclaren in terms of performance



Blogger Nilesh said...

If McLaren name vanishes from the grid, something inside me will die. There have been similar talks about Mercedes buying out McLaren in 2001, but I guess Ron always steer cleared of that speculation. Hope he does so now.

Nice quote from JPM, its stuff like this is what is keeping him from getting drives in top teams. Compare that to Webber, who (i remember u calling him a gentleman once) comes across a guy who can hold a team together, atleast.

3:51 AM  

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