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Thursday, May 04, 2006

May 05, 2006

Ide Culled from F1
Franck Montagny will be partnering Takuma Sato at Nürbürgring. The 31 year old Ide, who as per the team was not performing at par with Takuma-San, I feel sorry for the chap, who has not driven outside Japanese Formula Nippon, got selected in team who had logistics not put in place, only track time the person gets in on race weekends, Cold weather and lack of grip made Albert Park tough on likes of Schumachers, Buttons and Montoyas. Imola race the guy just tried to keep on the track, and there was simply no space for two cars on the tracks, probably what was expected from him by the stewards was to drive into run off area every time another car was in proximity!?
Thanks to this development, we have a French man driving for an All Japanese team while French Renault have already shut doors on French drivers like Montagny  & Sébastien Bourdais

Narain Karthikeyan Updates
While we are at news of one rookie driver shown F1 door, we have Indian Driver Narain Karthikeyan expressing happiness at his current WilliamsF1 stint. This is typical Indian psyche of being happy in less we should say. After his sponsors shelling in so much money to the fledgling WilliamsF1 team they couldn’t even get him Friday Drives on selected venues on calendar, makes us wonder what exactly is he happy about? Also questions arise on what kind of negotiations did Narain and his sponsors Tata had with Sir Williams, which makes Narain a non-paid factory driver at Williams.

In light of Ide’s inability to get hold of F1, Narain’s Jordan stint showed the prowess of Indian driver to handle an year old car decently, we remember him as the only back marker who was a thorough gentleman when it came to handle blue flags, If only he  had beat his team-mate in the ill-fated USGP’05 to take podium, situation would have been different for the driver. Also standing out is Aguri-Sans sense responsibility towards Yuji Ide in Team principal’s press release

Ross Brown Surrenders Championship chances
In spite of putting on a optimistic demeanor at the end, Ross Brown accepts that the 36 points out of possible 40 that Alonso has bagged so far has given him and Renault an early impetus in their campaign of title defense. This is not good news for the Ferrari Fans and at the same time highlights the form the Alonso/Renault combination is enjoying for more than a year now.

Drivers advocate change to qualifying format
While the initial reaction to the new 3 split qualifying format was positive, more opinions are coming up to tweak the format, Now the Drivers association have formally voiced their concerns on the new format. We had our reservations because the track incidents deprived many a faster cars from getting sufficient track times and thus relegating them to bottom or middle of grid. In last split as well, to comply with 110% rule the drivers make rounds of circuit, which gets boring for TV as well as trackside audiences.
Personally single lap qualifying had really all the elements of adrenaline pumping thrill, It was exciting for audience to see if driver was able to beat the top timing, It was also exciting to see who could hold their nerves especially when their rival has posted good time. Last season at Brazil for example, Kimi cracked under pressure when team radioed him end of his warm up lap that Alonso had beat JPM’s time to take provisional pole, the uncharacteristic error on entry of final corner by Räikkönen was clear indicator of the pressure situation. Main pro of this system was that it gave every driver a fair chance to put his best time with track all available to himself, and not having to encounter slow cars and traffic

One +ve  benefit of current format - last 20 minutes stint was good for Juan Pablo to acclimatize himself with the track changes at Imola and to get hang of T car which he was driving , after his regular car encountered problems at end of Free practice on Friday.

Kimi Räikkönen interview at ITV.com
ITV exclusive  raises few questions about
  • Mclaren Management – If Kimi was on first cycle of his Mclaren Engine at European GP, why was Juan Pablo testing the new engine at Silverstone last week first place, If I was Ron Dennis, I would be giving the engine to test to man who will be driving it on race track and take his feedback.

  • Kimi’s plans for 2007 – More than anything he sounds disinterested in the Mclaren 2006 campaign, maybe the rumors making round of his move to Ferrari are indeed true

The perfect Mclaren spokesman!?
Guess who is speaking enthusiastically about Mclaren upgrades, the Mclaren Blue eyed boy Juan Pablo Montoya J. World of F1 never stops to amaze me.

PS: Put the last two news bits together and go figure for yourself where we are heading in 2007

Interesting Quote:
“If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough” – Mario Andretti



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