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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 26, 2006

Wurz talks of Montoya’s Future
Alex Wurz is a very much respected F1 test driver and while some may feel its bit of big mouth talk for a person who can’t get himself a race drive to talk about a popular race driver’s future on the grid. But the guy has made a sensible assessment of Montoya’s situation.
Juan may continue to race for a lower string team, but to have a decent crack at World championship he needs to be in either a Mclaren or Renault
If indeed Juan fails to find race seat with top team and walks out of sport F1 would be poorer sport to miss out on talented racer like Juan Pablo. It would be really great disappointment if Driver with so much potential would leave the sport without winning the ultimate crown.
All we can say “Juan this is the Moment! And Now is your time”

Cosworth or Toyota that is the question
Sir Frank Williams thought Cosworth would be a perfect stop gap arrangement when engine maker BMW pulled plug on WilliamsF1 venture in middle of last season. First engine manufacturer Williams approached was indeed Toyota, and deal didn’t go thru , Cosworth which came in last moment in picture was never expected to be great option ( though many racing fans knew given Cosworth’s pedigree they would be ahead of the competition in V8 development) ,Toyota would be anxious anyways to close Williams deal so that they can a) plan ahead b) their Midland engagement is not in good shape with customer not meeting payment milestones on time so far
I am sure Nico Rosberg’s fastest lap in Bahrain has put Williams Boss in interesting situation. Personally would love to see long term future for Cosworth with Williams in F1

One puzzle solved
With Jorg Zander who split with Williamsf1 making his plans known. The second piece of puzzle still remains, Mike Gascoyne and his plans, that Toyota has paid him severance till November, if the terms mean that he can’t join rival teams needs to be seen , & even if there is such a clause ,we always have contract management expert like Jenson Button in F1, so Mike can always get professional advice :-P

In recent years Mclaren like Redbull has been supporting young drivers like Lewis Hamilton & Gary Pafett, it would be a good opportunity for these guys to prove their potential in B team. But given the recent history of corporate Mclaren bosses jilting their drivers, one can’t really tell whether or not the young talents will get a drive in the new team. While it has been widely believed that the 12th spot on the grid has gone to prodrive racing headed by Ex-BAR boss Dave Richards, this may just be a rumor. If either of these indeed get a chance to field team on grid ,it may well mean no chance to see Minardi & Paul Stoddart in the paddock

Daily routine
News for Where Will Schumi Go Club J



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