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Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 28, 2006

The making of another ‘Superteam’
First we had JPM-Räikkönen as most strong driver lineup on the grid start of season 2005 , then before giving them proper logistics , Ron Greedy Dennis jumped gun to buy ‘off the shelf’ Champion. We have this news been circulated in latest edition of Schumacher-Kimi-JPM Soap Opera. Only substantial information that comes out of this news is Marlboro brand’s long-term commitment to the Italian team through to the end of 2011. We were seriously under impression that with heavy regulations on tobacco companies sponsoring sports team, like their competition Phillip Morris is also on their way out of F1 end of 2006 season.
Second aspect of this story is if indeed Kimi moves to Ferrari on side of Schumacher, Juan Pablo has better prospects to remain in Mclaren team, but given the reputation of unreliable Mercedes engine and fact that some of the brilliant technical staff like Adrian Newey, Nicholas Tombazis and Peter Prodromou have left Mclaren, will Mclaren be the same force to reckon starting 2007
     Is there any chance Red Bull racing moving to Renault as their engine suppliers??

Is Christian Klien being shunted!?
In two of their recent tests Red Bull racing team got their B team driver Luizzi to help the team in testing, this is interesting development, especially when we know the team owner Dietrich Mateschitz  had some interesting observations in what he expects his team drivers to deliver  punt

V8 faster than V10 at Silverstone
Montoya endorses views of most of his rivals that lap times have not gone down as compared to those done by car equipped with V10 engines. Personally even I was not much happy to see V10 being replaced by V8 engines, but having seen the cars on race day, I too agree that things have not changed in F1 with respect to speed.

Mosley excusitis
After hounding the GPMA teams that all his whims are to make F1 more cost effective & make the playing field leveled for Privateers, Then the claim was this will enable more teams to join F1 , Hype was created that Fans were expecting to see 25-30 cars racing on race day, now all of sudden Mr. Mosley gives excuse that most of the circuits are not equipped to accommodate more number of teams on grid , in terms of logistics. Well this was the first stupid argument we had posed as fans, but then we were given false dreams by FIA

Sour grapes case
Honda does what it can do the best , whine and whine. Just when we thought ferrari rear wing issue was closed by end of Sepang weekend, Honda is trying to bring stale stew to boil. Will nick fry , button and company realize that they really have lots of ground to cover before they can seriously think about challenging for race wins, Championships are much later milestone. That doesn’t stop Nick Fry from issuing customary statement about how Jenson Button is motivated more than ever. Pounding miles after miles in testing is meaningless unless fans really see a move in positive direction.  On a separate note , Agur-San had mentioned few weeks back that Super Aguri Personnel were moved to senior Honda team, the fiasco in  pit stops at Imola certainly confirmed those claims J

Interesting Quote:
“I told my nephew that if he wanted to get on in motor racing, the first thing he should do was master English. Thank goodness he now speaks it.” - Juan Manuel Fangio
Wish Kimi had received words of wisdom from some wise uncle :P

Latest Updates:
Prodrive led by Dave Richards have got the 12th spot on 2008 Grid. So now we have 24 cars on the grid.
Some observations:
  • All current team got entry , while the new teams had to show more competencies, to get the their proposal accepted, likes of Super Aguri & MidlandF1 ,which are really struggling to keep pace with developments introduced by their rivals should have been culled from the grid and more deserving teams with credibility in other Open wheel racing racing series got a not ,reference here is to Carlin Motorsport and Spanish GP2 team race engineering

  • Talking about open wheel racing experience , Prodrive has none their team is involved in World Rally Championship.
FIA has stuck to its tradition of taking arbitrary decisions.
FIA vision statement: “Let’s give them something to talk about



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