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Saturday, April 29, 2006

April 30,2006

Webber’s 2007 plansOn their current form Renault F1 would be one team every driver on the grid would dream to drive for, but not Webber, who wants to continue with Williams F1 team. Given the fact that Williams is not backed by a works engine and Cosworth don’t have enough resources to work on issues like manufacturer team like Renault or a BMW, this is a bold move. Webber is one person who is made of  different mould and hence stands out on grid. Opportunism is the mantra of grid,recent Buttongate and Alonso Jump incidents are still fresh in minds of Racing fans and this one example really is exceptional example. But then that’s the way Mark Webber is. If people remember Nürbürgring 2005 Race, Webber made contact with Montoya in first corner incident, and he was honest to accept it which is another  rarity in F1. Talking of Nürbürgring in 2004 edition Montoya Punted out his then team-mate Ralf Schumacher and was quite cool about it, maintaining it was not his mistake  

JV on new qualifying format
Confusing for driver’s puts drivers and engineers in Dilemma when to let the drivers on track. These views do echo the questions in minds of fans as well. While many a drivers wait in first two parts to go on track for last five minutes ,can’t recover if they commit a mistake or get caught up traffic or are victims of other drivers mistakes. In case of JV he was innocent victim of his team-mate’s error on final corner at Imola.


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