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Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 21, 2006

Renault to stay in F1
That is the inclination we get from interview given by the new Renault team president Alain Dassas. Dassas replaced Patrick Faure who stepped down from F1 duties after 1st race of the season. Recent cost cutting measures which target to reduce budgets of the participating teams, seems to have been decisive factor here. While the latest interview may sound promising, it must be remembered that when the top boss Carlos Ghosn took over the reins of Renault organization last year, he has specifically mentioned that Renault F1 program will be monitored closely on performance (results) and cost-Vs-benefit criterion .With major sponsors Mild Seven and Telefonica planning to pull out of the partnership, Renault still needs sponsors to pump in monies. Of this mild seven withdrawal is certainty ( anti-tobacco regulations around the globe),Spanish company Telefonica is reviewing its options with Alonso moving to Mclaren & possibility of Spanish team entering F1. With all these factors its still a long way for any conclusions, but then Heiki Kova can pull in new sponsors from Finland/ Iceland .They say to fight fire you need fire , to give a spirited fight to Scotch whisky backed Mclaren , Finlandia or Reyka Vodka would be a good choice J

Renault to renew Flavio’s contract
In same interview Mr. Dassas mentioned that renewing Briatore’s contract  is top priority thing for the team. For someone whose technical knowledge is as limited to F1 car needs four tyres and runs in direction of nose cone, Flavio has enjoyed fair amount of success, then some of his more knowledgeable rivals. One thing that stands out in this success is his eye to spot opportunity, talent & man management skills. Jarno Trulli for one can surely bet for the man management skills part ,given his Renault experience of 2004 season J

Alonso tips Ferrari Weekend
Championship leader Alonso expects Ferrari to have a good weekend at Imola and also mentions a second place would be good result for him. First we had Michael & now the baton is passed to Alonso. Racer minus Balls = World Champion driver!? Is this the current trend we wonder. Last season there were two  instances when Alonso let Montoya overtake him & now to the Champion speak of just working to maintain his lead cushion for another Title ,rather than winning races    L

One for the Road
On the Spirited fight story.. Kimi Räikkönen’s colorful nightlife gets Ron Dennis all embarrassed as it is not good for corporate image of the team. Agreed Ron, but what if the kid gets totally disoriented after raising too many a toast promoting your main sponsor and next thing you know the lap dance session starts J



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