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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 5, 2006

Mike Gascoyne parts ways with Toyota
News of this high profile designer parting ways with Panasonic Toyota racing will be causing waves around the paddock as we know for sure one big ticket shopper (Mclaren) and one top racing team(Williams) have recently lost resources of same expertise as Mike. So the question is where is mike headed to, those who have watched Oz GP 2006 will recollect Midland F1 racing cars indirectly helped Alonso during last three restarts of the race. One person whose prospects were directly hurt was Mclaren Driver Kimi, who could have overtaken Alonso , if Midland duo had not taken the racing line. The reason I am pointing to this incident , was after first two instances , Mike Gasgoyne left Toyota Pitwall and was seen rebuking the Midland pitwall about. So are you heading to Mclaren Mr. Gasgoyne :-?

Ferrari resume testing
Putting the Oz GP failure behind them the team goes back to testing. Starting Bahrain 2005 there has hardly been a day when Ferrari has not tested either at their factory track, or solo testing. For some mysterious reasons all that test effort has not converted into Race results. In recent past season opener at Bahrain was only respite for the Ferrari team. But that probably was their exhaustive test efforts at the Sakhir circuit during the Winter test. At this point of time Renault team is really having dream run,whatever they do is simply falling in place while Ferrari who had been having similar run for past 6 years suddenly seem to be falling apart

JPM takes a rip at team-mate
Though the issue is right Juan, firstly the timing of you mentioning is wrong and secondly in spite of being your loyal fan , I feel its none of your business.

Kimi going for his improving his personal record (fasterst race lap) is not a new thing.He has been doing that throughout his career. While it would be ok to do so in pre 2005 regulations,its kind of stupid of Kimi to stress his engine needlessly. I have talked about this regularly in 2005 season as well, one reason why Kimi gets all those engine penalties as compared to Juan ,is needless bravado he shows by putting in fastest laps in end of race (when race results are almost settled), it is understandable if he is on hot pursuit for position or if he is being chased by other driver. But two instances I remember in last season when JPM won the race, at Silverstone(1.20.502,Lap 60) and Monza (1.21.504, Lap 51), Kimi had resorted to same trick of putting fastest race lap on concluding lap, and then next weekend he had engine penalty.

JPM while the issue is correct ,its for Ron Dennis and Mclaren management to talk to Kimi about it. At the moment all you need is to see whats on your plate ,and make most out of it ,else we have the same scenario in Williams Paddock in 2003



Blogger Nilesh said...

The Gascoyne story took me by surprise. He is probably second only to Newey and to sack a designer of such high caliber must be one hell of a decision to take for the Toyota Management. McLaren could have a vacancy for him...

As for the JPM thing, forget everything else, this is the avtar I wanted to see him don and he is finally getting into his stride. The Fiery Columbian is nicely building up a relationship, which will keep us entertained for the rest of the season. He has been close to Kimi this year and I guess that’s what’s (not surprisingly) building the confidence on him. Way to go JPM.

11:02 AM  
Blogger unsui said...

Hey Hey...

Of the current lot JPM is my special fav coz he is fiery both on & off track. But the need of situation is for him to keep his head cool and let his performance speak for itself. You & I have discussed this last lap fast lap stuff umpteen number of times. I don't want his off track outbursts to distract his focus from On track job. If there were points for taking field by scruff of neck , JPM would have been on Melbourne Podium for that. Anyways ..

6:14 PM  

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