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Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13, 2006

Montoya confirmed at RBR !?
Going by David Coulthard’s irritated reaction looks like the deal is already signed. Also read elsewhere Redbull Boss Dietrich Mateschitz quote
"If we invest say 50 million dollars ­into a wind tunnel, into Ferrari engines and to get Adrian Newey, and the benefit of all this makes the car one second quicker, it simply cannot be that a driver loses that second in comparison with the other. So the logical consequence will be that we need the quickest driver we can lay hands on for 2007, when we shall run with the first car under the guidance of Adrian Newey".
While the prospect of Juan Pablo driving Adrian Newey car will really stir up interests of the race goers, by dumping its ‘young driver’ program in favor of commercial gains ..Alas red bull will be reduced to likes of the corporate minded Ferrari & Mclaren if this happens

More Monies for the Kimi
With latest rounds of talks that Michael Schumacher is renewing his Ferrari contract. That leaves Kimi in interesting and Ferrari in awkward situation. I am not sure how the contract is worded (hope Ferrari lawyers are on top of their job). From Ferrari perspective it should be ‘If Ferrari as not able to give race seat to Kimi starting 2007 they have to pay Kimi Multimillion dollars as severance amount’
Else they can dump Massa and give 2nd Ferrari seat to Kimi, question is what does the contract say if Kimi is not party to this offer that will be a really interesting affair on the way..

Monza Cleared by local authorities
The  race is a go , given a choice between Imola and Monza for Italian GP latter is the one I like reason being nice high speed circuit , good overtaking & above all one circuit where my favorite Driver Juan Pablo has a good run on this circuit J



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