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Friday, April 07, 2006

April 07, 2006

Schummi to Renault -True or False?
Taking jab at rivals ,seems to be the mood of the moment after Montoya firing a salvo at Kimi , Now sites PF1 and ITV are at it the above news on ITV-F1 has been countered by PFI . So what is the reality...Well who cares lets focus on task at hand the 2006 season

Mclaren on Task at Paul Ricard
While the times put by test drivers may not exactly convert into race points (Honda & Toyota drivers can agree). But nevertheless is comforting to the race drivers. Talking about testing, Jenson Button has been busting his butt on the Vallelunga track since Wednesday, while I admire the work ethic shown by the Brit, till he shows some balls on the track, GP win will remain a distant dream for him

Schumacher believes that Ferrari competent
Just when there are doubts being raised that the podium finish at the Bahrain season opener was all due to the exhaustive testing the team had done on the circuit in winter .Ferrari Ace firmly believes in capability Ferrari 248F1 car to deliver good results. Which makes a 3 way battle at top between Renault, Mclaren & Ferrari, this is good for competition. While Ferrari claims could have been dismissed as PR talk or ones to keep the team morale high, his Rival and incumbent champion Alonso, firmly puts Michael on top of his rival brigade and categorically maintains that the seven time champion is still on top of his game. With European leg to commence in two weeks time we will know the truth in the claim



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