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Sunday, April 09, 2006

April 09, 2006

Most of the teams are busy testing for the forthcoming European leg of F1 championship. This break between Oz GP and Imola would probably be the biggest apart from three week summer break that the teams  get to enjoy. Not much happening around and most of the F1 related sites are still posting Toyota-Gascoyne Spilt and Schumacher cutting short his vacation to resume testing.

Two news pieces that catch my eyes are related to incumbent world champion Fernando Alonso .Alonso has been nominated for the prestigious annual Laureus award. The other sportsmen nominated include Ronaldinho (soccer), Roger Federer (tennis), Lance Armstrong (cycling), Tiger Woods (golf) and Valentino Rossi (MotoGP).Each of the names in the list have really excelled in their sports in their own way, while Ronaldinho & Federer are playing surreal, everything they do seem to have magic in it. Tiger woods has been on path of redemption, trying to reach the high standards that he had once set for himself. One person of the list is to one whom Fernando would hate losing , yes I am talking about Valentino Rossi. If someone has noted the Fernando and his reactions on Rossi related questions, while other drivers are always politically correct in their reaction about Rossi in F1, Fernando has been one person who has made no bones that Rossi wouldn’t reach those heights instantly that a F1 driver trains himself, work for becoming one .If you have seen him in new season, he is aping the Doctor especially in his post race celebrations. He is trying to act funny, being funny looks so natural on Rossi, while somehow in case of Alonso his antics seem Sooo very artificial.

I think his signing Mclaren is on same lines when Valentino split with Honda as World Champion and joined rivals Yamaha and continued his winning ways with them. The way the season has started, on current form Alonso stands a good chance as joining Mclaren as incumbent champion.

The other part of equation though only time will tell yes whether Fernando has it in him to make Mclaren rally around him (something like Valentino and Michael Schumacher in F1) and take them to the top of game.

Will the current Mclaren drivers get their act together and make Mr. Alonso’s entry to Mclaren a hollow one ..we will all know by this time next year



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