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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bart Simpson's Chalk Board for Alonso and Webber

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mark Webber Does Neil Horan

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Monday, September 16, 2013

New Ride for Juan Pablo

Happy that Juan Pablo Montoya has a ride for the 2014 season. If only it was a Formula One ride. As much as I'm sympathetic toward Felipe Massa, I'd have preferred JPM driving for Lotus F1 Team.
Of course, the reason Connie and Juan Montoya came back to the US was not having to travel with the F1 circus around the globe. So I need to respect the fact of Juan putting his family interests ahead of racing interest. So wishing Juan and Penske Racing the very best for 2014 IndyCar Series. 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Hen House that Luca built

Once there was an Italian poultry farmer named  Luca. He owned a hen-house called Scuderia Ferrari, which was a flagship of his Ferrari empire. However, his hen-house was filled with head cut chickens that ran in fifteen different directions and did their own thing.
Luca also had powers to convert himself into a rooster and fight the roosters in his hen house as the need came up. He always preferred not to keep  too strong roosters in the hen house. This lesson  he learned when Rooster trio of Schumi-Todt-Brawn ruled the rooster. 

Under the roost of Schumi-Todt-Brawn, all the head cut chicken were systematically mated and if required chickens outside the hen-house were also mated, and lots of gold eggs were delivered. However, Luca was not getting a chance to mate with his own chickens when he wanted to. So he beaked them hard, fired them and hired a Finnish rooster called Kimi, the cold rooster, who preferred his cold vodka over a col beer.

However, Kimi was too laid back, and he never went out and mated with the head cut chickens in the hen-house. He only mated with his mates outside the hen-house. So now the headless chickens in the hen-house didn't like the cold rooster.

Luca had a Spanish Neighbor, who offered him lots of money to take care of his Spanish Rooster Nandos. So Luca Fired Kimi and  brought in Nandos. After joining Luca, Nando was happy pranced around for the Prize of being the best rooster in the world and for that he had a good mannered rooster from Brazil as his mate.

He did everything that Luca wanted on condition that he should be the only one who gets mating rights in the hen-house even if that means he has to mate with the Brazilian mate and checkmate him at-will. In the greed of golden eggs, Luca agreed.

However, as it turned out the chickens in the hen-house being the head cut chickens continued running in different directions so only thing that Nandos could mate was rooster Felipe.

Nevertheless, those who know biology know that two roosters mating at no time produces the golden egg. So while Felipe got mated continuously the egg never came out ( how could rooster give an egg after all).

So frustrated Nandos started complaining about the head cut chickens that ran in 15 different directions rather than mating with Nandos. This made Luca angry. He converted to his rooster self and mated Nandos and told him that in this hen-house only one rooster rules ( and that is him) and all mating will happen only under his instructions and supervision.

Seeing that Nando had become too matey with Felipe and had stopped chasing head cut chickens (and for that matter chickens outside the hen-house), he decided to hire a new rooster. He needed a rooster that could chase the chickens and start mating with them and start giving eggs and make Nandos jealous. So he started looking around for rooster that had a record of mating with success to give golden eggs. Ironically, Kimi the cold rooster was only one that was available.

Luca swallowed his rooster pride and so comes back Kimi to the hen house.

Welcome back Kimi!! 

 In the next part, we will see if Nandos now mates with the head cut chickens or mates with Kimi, or finds mates outside the Hen-house. And who knows if there is a golden egg destined to come to the way of Luca.

All of us should only hope that at his age, Luca doesn't have to mate. Because the last time he was showing Nandos and Felipe how to mate, the three of them ended in kitty litter at Ricardo Tormo.

The end.

Thanks to my F1 fanatic friend Eleni, and the entertaining chat we had that resulted in this tale.

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