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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bridgestones Demise

FYI entire Merc Board was in Abu Dhabi over the race weekend and guess what whose guest they were - Brawn GP, they were in Brawn GP hospitality area the whole weekend. I am not a big Button fan, but somehow it is imperative for Ron/Martin to pull some scoop and get Button On board, A british team, with two brit drivers (WDCs for that matter) may make some Brit sponsors to open their purse. If indeed Merc go for 75% stake in Brawn, Macca is heading Williams way.
Rumors making round few weeks ago were Ron was planning to buy the Engine plant of Defunct BMW F1 team for the power units for the new SLR that Ron has developed after Max forced him out of McLaren F1 after Australian Scandal.
Ross Brawn knows the "Real value" of Button and hence not game to give the Brit 8 Million pound retainer. If Ron/Martin can steal Button, it would secure future of McLaren ( that is if British Sponsors follow Button Hamilton Duo to McLaren)

-----Original Message-----From: RacingForIndiaSent: 02 November 2009 To: Unsui Subject: RE: Bridgestone Withdrawal
Why would ron go to abu dhabi to pacify the mercedes board? If he wanted to do that he could have gone to stuggart.I find the reason why bridgestone left very interesting more than the timing. Its more in line with what bmw said their reason was.

-original message-Subject: Bridgestone Withdrawal From: Unsui Date: 03/11/2009 Isn't the timing of the announcement interesting , on back of Max(benefactor) leaving office. Just like Spotting Ron Dennis on McLaren Pitwall.
I am sure Ron was not in Abu Dhabi only to pacify Mercedes Board (and wooing Arab Sheikhs to buy their new sports car from McLaren)

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