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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

McLaren, a mystery!

This is probably the first time that McLaren haven’t made any significant progress during the season and what makes it more difficult is that there has been an unusual silence from the top honchos about the "updates in the pipeline". The testing ban isn’t helping either, and there are more off track activities to keep them occupied.
Is this a policy change at McLaren, where they access their season upfront and take a decision to scrap the season if their performance is not up to the mark in the first couple of races or is this a genuine engineering problem with the team.
I think the fans deserve to know more and how I miss Ron speak at times like these.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too long in the tooth

Practically everything about F1 is stale. The dominance of Brawns (yawn), FOTA Vs Mosely, FOTA Vs Bernie, Bernie Vs Mosely, Mosely Vs Dennis the list goes on.

F1 has ceased to be a sport I once loved and followed like an ardent addict. Instead it’s a lesson for all aspiring Management students under the head of "what not to do" when running a multi million dollar sport.

Latest is that the FOTA have approached MOTOGP boss Carmelo Ezpeleta for a possible break away series. I am certain this is just to send a inconsequential message to Max, who seems intent on leaving a legacy of confusion and mismanagement behind. Having said that, I am not sure he intends to leave anyways.

More to follow...

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